Cyberspace Fortress Launches!

After all of the hard work getting things ready to go, I can finally announce that Cyberspace Fortress is live! So just what is Cyberspace Fortress, who am I and what the heck is this blog supposed to be about anyway? Well, I’ll tell you all of that and more!

Cyberspace Fortress was created with the mission of helping people keep their computers running as good as they can while trying to protect them from all of the bad guys out there that would seek to steal their data, financial information, identities and turn their computers into tools for evil.  If computers aren’t properly maintained, they can see big slowdowns over time which is what we do our best to prevent with weekly maintenance.  Also, to help keep the bad guys out, or to at least give them as small of a window as possible to harm an innocent computer user, we run multiple scans every week to get viruses, trojan horses, malware, spyware and all other sorts of bad things off of your computer as quickly as possible.

So who the heck am I anyway? My name is Jeremy Bray, I live in Pueblo, Colorado and I am the founder of Cyberspace Fortress (and currently the only person working here although as we grow, I hope to hire some employees so we can take on even more customers).  I have spent virtually all of my life exploring and using computers and other forms of technology.  My passion for all things bits and bytes has made me the technology expert that friends, family, coworkers and even my old high school teachers look to for help when they have a computer problem. So, I decided to use my expertise to hopefully make a living from it!  And while some people with my skills might open a physical computer shop to repair computers, I decided to do something a little different and operate remotely so I never have to worry about all of the hassles that come with a physical location and I have the freedom to work from whatever I happen to be at the moment there is work that needs to be done.

How did I come up with the idea for Cyberspace Fortress anyway?  My idea for the subscription based remote computer maintenance and security business came from the work I did on the computers of friends and family members.  Other than occasionally building computers, all the work I did was in software (updates, malware removal, system cleanup, ect) that I realized I could do from the comfort of my own bed rather than having to go to the homes of people.  Often, by the time I was called things were so bad (tons of viruses, running slow, ect), that it was almost amazing that the computers were still functional.  I realized that if people properly maintained their computers on a weekly basis like I do, they would never get that bad and would operate much better and that realization is what sparked the idea to create a business where I would log in to the machines of customers remotely every week and maintain them the same way I do my own machines.

Finally, why do we have a blog and what will it be used for anyway?  I’m glad you asked!  Well, I guess I guess I asked myself the question since you weren’t around when I wrote this but it really doesn’t matter because I can read your mind anyway and I know what you would have asked if you were here.  There are a couple of reasons I created this blog.  First, it is meant to be a valuable resource for existing customers.  Second, it is to give future customers a taste of the value I can bring them so that hopefully they will at least give Cyberspace Fortress a chance because I know they will fall in love with our service once they give us a shot!  As for what will be featured on here, I plan to focus mainly on things like major security news, tips to stay secure with your computers and gadgets as well as tips for getting the most out of your computer and other gadgets.  Of course I will occasionally talk about what we do and how we do it as I believe in complete transparency although those posts will be in the minority as I have never been comfortable tooting my own horn when I can spend my time giving people value instead.

I look forward to working with YOU and if you ever have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments or you can e-mail us at [email protected]