So what exactly is it that we offer with our services?  Below are the descriptions of the services we offer but if you still have questions, feel free t0 e-mail us at [email protected] and ask us!  We promise we don’t bite!  Well, unless you happen to be a pizza in which case we make no such promise.

Prices for each service can be found over on our Pricing and Services page.

  • Weekly Maintenance: ($20/mo)

    This is our main service where once a week based on a schedule we have worked out with you (we want to make it as convenient for you as possible), we log in to your computer remotely to do those annoying routine tasks that you don’t want to waste your time doing.  What type of annoying routine tasks?  Glad you asked!  We will do things like make sure your most important software is up to date such as your operating system, web browsers, Flash, Java, anti-virus and anti-malware definitions, drivers and more!  We will also do scans to make sure your computer is free of viruses, spyware and other malicious software and if we find any, we will make our best attempt to remove it (some things are impossible to remove remotely in which case we will either give you instructions on what you need to do to fix the problem or help you find somewhere to take your computer that is qualified to fix it).  Finally, we will clean up the unwanted stuff on your computer that is eating up the space on your hard drive and slowing things down.  This includes deleting temporary files, emptying the trash among other things.  We will also fix any problems we find with the system’s registry.  Please note, a weekly maintenance subscription is only good for one computer so if you have multiple computers you want us to work on, you will need a subscription for each.

  • Emergency Service: ($50/hr)

    Has something gone horribly wrong with your computer like you have a virus or somehow a toolbar has been installed on your browser that has taken over homepage, search engine and more? We can fix that! Things like virus removal is covered with our weekly service but especially depending on what the malicious software is, it is best to remove it ASAP instead of waiting for your weekly maintenance service in case it is watching what you are doing to steal your passwords or use your computer for illegal activity like participating in cyber attacks. With our emergency service, we will squeeze you in as quickly as possible to fix what needs to be fixed so you can get back to normal. Unlike our other services, Emergency Service is billed by the hour with a 1 hour minimum and after that is rounded to the nearest hour. Also, if we determine that the problem can’t be fixed remotely, we will either give you instructions for how to fix the problem or help you find somebody to take the computer to so they can get it fixed.

  • Start-up Speed-up! ($15)

    Do you have a ton of programs that launch when you turn on your computer that is really slowing things down? Let us work with you to figure out what you really need running when the computer boots and then we can stop everything else from needlessly launching and causing your computer to take forever to become usable. This service is especially useful if you bought your computer already built and the manufacturer installed a bunch of software on there that you really don’t use and don’t need to be running in the background.

  • System Customization: ($10)

    There are a lot of different ways to customize and personalize your computer but what if you aren’t exactly sure how to do it or just don’t feel like doing it yourself? That is where we come in! We can help you change all sorts of things to make your computer run the way you want it to. Want the monitor to go to sleep after a certain number of minutes to save money on your electric bill? We can do that! Want extensions installed in your browser to block those really annoying ads on websites? We can do that too! Whether you want your wallpaper changed or power settings tweaked to use less electricity, we can help!

  • New System Setup: ($35)

    Congratulations on your new computer! Now let us help you get it up and running! As part of our wonderful New System Setup service, we will make sure your new machine is up to date with the latest patches, we will install the latest versions of popular software (of your choice of course) to help you get up and running quickly! Just what sort of software are we talking about? We will install things like alternative browsers such as Firefox, Opera or Chrome as well as other things like Skype, Spotify, iTunes, Steam, online backup software, document reading software and much more! When you contact us about this service, we will give you a list of the software we install as part of this service and you just have to let us know which applications you want us to install and then we can get to work. In no time, you will have your computer ready to go! Oh, and thats not all! We will also help you customize your new machine in a variety of ways such as how long should the computer be left alone before it goes to sleep or what you want for your desktop’s wallpaper. This service also makes for a great gift to accompany a new computer that you might get someone for a special occasion like a birthday, Christmas or going off to college!

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